DNA Human Genome Manual: Ancestry * Health * Identity * Epigenics * Criminality


DNA Human Genome Manual: Ancestry * Health * Identity * Epigenics * Criminality


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This book brings together all the fascinating strands of genetic science and explains in an accessible way how DNA is being mapped, classified, utilised and understood. With chapters on sequencing the human genome, genetic disorders, gene editing and therapy, human ancestry and cloning, this book shows how outstanding breakthroughs in genetic science is informing us about our past and defining our modern lives.

* Explains the structure and purpose of DNA and how it was discovered
* Tracks the history of human DNA, the development of our species, genetic disorders and mapping the human genome
* Includes sections on the significance of DNA in crime detection and in the future of medicine

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Dr Melita Irving

Author Bio

Dr Melita Irving is an expert London-based consultant and honorary reader in clinical genetics. Her specialist interests include chromosomal disorders, rare genetic symptoms, and conditions with an underlying genetic cause. She currently acts as the chief investigator for clinical trials in children with skeletal dysplasia, developing the diagnosis of genetic conditions and improving the accurate diagnosis of severe skeletal conditions. Her work is featured in many peer-reviewed publications and she has published extensively on various aspects of clinical genetics.





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