Chocolate Chip Sweets: Celebrated Chefs Share Their Favorite Recipes


Chocolate Chip Sweets: Celebrated Chefs Share Their Favorite Recipes


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The chocolate chip cookie is the quintessential afternoon snack or dessert of many Australian households. This compilation of innovative baking recipes uses the deliciously adaptable chocolate chip in not only cookies, but cakes, ice cream, breads, pastries, puddings and more.
The chocolate chip, either in chip, chunk, chopped, or coin form, is the star ingredient in this baking book of more than 85 recipes, ranging from the classic cookie to chocolate chip ice-cream sandwiches that Zabar has collected from award-winning chefs, pastry chefs, and restaurateurs primarily in New York City. Some of the creations have contemporary-flavor profiles such as olive oil, while others use fresh fruit or zucchini. There’s something for everyone, and certainly a new taste for all!

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Tracey Zabar

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Tracey Zabar trained as a baker and is the author of several books includingOne Sweet Cookie: Celebrated Chefs Share Their Favorite Recipes and Charmed Bracelets. She has lectured and done baking demonstrations at many high-end culinary venues, and has had extensive press coverage on NPR, the New York Times, and theWall Street Journal, among others. Zabar is presently working with the Food Network to film one-minute spots about baking. The passionate baker is also a jewelry designer, with her collections sold in Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Browns of London, and exhibited in museums. She was formerly a jewelry stylist for Sex and the City andThe View. Ellen Silverman's photographs have appeared in many cookbooks, including Karen DeMasco's The Craft of Baking and Gwyneth Paltrow: My Father's Daughter, as well as leading culinary and lifestyle magazines.





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