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It has been over 20 years, but at last there is a follow-up to the amazingly successful Vegetarian Adventure Cookbook by Rowan Bishop and Sue Carruthers. (A classic of New Zealand food writing, it has been in print since it was first published). Rowan’s latest book brings the mouthwatering flavours and irresistible dishes that Vegetarian Adventure was known for right up-to-date using all the fabulous produce, spices and herbs available to us now. Vegetarian fare is not all lentils and bean sprouts – for flavour, health and economic reasons more and more of us are choosing to use a wider range of foods and Rowan Bishop’s Vegetarian Kitchen has 180 recipes to try and enjoy. Respected food writer Rowan Bishop offers feasts of flavours and meal ideas that will inspire and sustain. Her enthusiasm about food is infectious and the recipes easy to follow. From making your own peanut butter, roast eggplant dip, Tuscan tart and Szechuan ‘clay pot’ casserole, to scrumptious rhubarb and feijoa pie, persimmon spice cake, smoke & lime feijoa chutney and irresistible limoncello.
Includes 180 recipes with ideas to mix and match mains, side dishes, salads and starters and lots of recipes take advantage of seasonal produce when it’s at its cheapest and best! There are lots of ideas for asparagus, beetroot, feijoas, plums, tomatoes, plus using less familiar produce such as persimmons, quinces and pomegranates. There are great chapters on sauces and dressings, baking and preserves.

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Rowan Bishop

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Rowan Bishop has written about food for over 30 years, including three cookbooks and hundreds of columns (food, travel and general interest). She is based in Hamilton. "I began writing food columns, along with other freelance work, and produced a first vegetarian cookbook, The Vegetarian Adventure, with friend Sue Carruthers. This was at a time when vegetarian food was denounced as 'fanatical' and 'fringe,' as opposed to the popularity and acceptance it enjoys today. Of course, now there is a much wider range of products, condiments and produce to choose from, and the popularity of Farmer's Markets and promotion of fresh, local and increasingly organic produce is really heartening to see."



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Paperback / softback

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