Why the Politics of Breastfeeding Matter


Why the Politics of Breastfeeding Matter


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The Politics of Breastfeeding, first published in 1988, remains a hugely important book. It exposes infant feeding as one of the most important global public health issues of our time, and describes how big business and vested interests influence the intimate relationship between mothers and their babies to the detriment of all, rich or poor, in the West or in the developing world.

In Why the Politics of Breastfeeding Matter, the central ideas of The Politics of Breastfeeding are distilled into a concise form, making it the perfect introduction to understanding the complex forces that govern what many think of as a simple choice to breastfeed or not.

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Gabrielle Palmer

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Susan Last is an editor, blogger, campaigner, breastfeeding peer supporter, and a current director of Baby Milk Action. She regularly writes about infant feeding and breastfeeding politics on her blog Gabrielle Palmer is a nutritionist and author. A breastfeeding counselor in the 1970s, she later went on to help establish the UK IBFAN group, Baby Milk Action. In the early 1980s she worked in Mozambique. She has written and campaigned on infant feeding issues, particularly the unethical marketing of baby foods. In the 1990s she co-directed the International Breastfeeding: Practice and Policy Course at the Institute of Child Health in London, until she went to live in China for two years.



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