Way Back Then, Before We Were Ten: New Zealand Writers and Childhood


Way Back Then, Before We Were Ten: New Zealand Writers and Childhood



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A wonderful collection of stories and memoir from childhood. Childhood is at times joyful, at times traumatic. In this anthology twenty-six distinguished New Zealand writers evoke memories of their early years, in fiction and memoir. Their stories and memoirs resonate with love and betrayal, friendship and disloyalty, elation and anxiety. The writing features parents and teachers, peers, siblings and other relatives, the loveable and the unloveable. There are wondrous discoveries of the natural and cultural world and glimpses into the enigmatic realm that is adulthood. From the Victorian era of Katherine Mansfield’s upbringing to that of today’s multicultural society, the contributions reflect many of the personal and social changes which our society has undergone over the last one hundred years. The collection is packed with emotion as the writers conjure up that never-to-be-forgotten time, ‘Way Back Then, Before We Were Ten’. Every contribution has biographical information on the author and a photo of them before they were ten.

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Graeme Lay

Author Bio

Prominent New Zealand short story writer, novelist and travel writer Graeme Lay is also one of this country's most experienced anthologists. In this his latest compilation he has selected and assembled a stellar literary cast from our past and present, whose writing provides unique insights into the timeless world of childhood.





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