The Whole Body Breathing: Discovering the subtle rhythms of yoga


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The Whole Body Breathing: Discovering the subtle rhythms of yoga


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The Whole Body Breathing offers a clear practice. The simplicity of this practice will have a profound effect on your whole body, and will guide you in the gradual discovery of the vitality of your spine.

Sequences of walking, standing, sitting and lying down will nurture and revitalise the whole body, uncovering and awakening special places along the spine. Explore the reality of rooting into the earth and expanding into space at the same time.

Following in the footsteps of Vanda Scaravellis teaching, where awareness, breath and freedom are the essential elements, The Whole Body Breathing stimulates and supports yoga students and teachers alike in the lifelong yoga journey, with joy and playfulness

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S. Sabatini

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Sandra Sabatini started to study yoga in Florence with Dona Holleman in 1975, some years later she met Vanda Scaravelli and began a journey under her guidance which has not ended. For more than thirty years Sandra has been teaching in Germany, England, Finland, Israel and most recently in India. She lives in Campiglia in Tuscany, a beautiful medieval village near the sea, where she holds residential courses. Sandra's previous publications by Pinter & Martin include Breath, Autumn Winter Spring Summer and Like a Flower. This is her 4th book.

Michal Havkin discovered yoga after more than 30 years of dancing professionally and teaching Modern Dance in Israel and abroad. Her yoga practice consists of slow, gentle movements, connected to the breath and the space around us, and integrated with her extensive study of Buddhism and Feldenkrais technique. Michal has been studying and co-teaching with Sandra Sabatini for more than 18 years. "My yoga practice" says Michal, "is about undoing, letting go, releasing, opening and softening with the wish to be quiet, to listen."



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