Take Charge of Your Money Now: The No. 1 DIY Financial Freedom Plan


Take Charge of Your Money Now: The No. 1 DIY Financial Freedom Plan


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Stephen Parr now shares 30 years of professional experience in his book Take Charge of Your Money Now…- the first in a three book series. An international author, speaker, educator, investment and financial planning specialist, Tauranga based Stephen Parr provides a simple yet effective step by step process to taking control of your money and creating wealth, sharing the secrets and strategies that successful people use to achieve wealth. By reading Take Charge of Your Money Now…you’ll learn: ? How to Think and Grow Rich by re-focussing your mind ? How to rapidly take control of the money you earn, instead of it slipping through your fingers. ? DIY investment strategies that can lower your risk and save you thousands in fees ? To use the internationally proven six step process of financial planning to write your own financial plan ? How to avoid common mistakes that hold most people back from achieving their goals ? Key investment strategies so good that unless you know them, you shouldn’t be investing ? 7 key habits of successful and wealthy people.
A stand out feature in each book of the series will be one key time tested strategy that most DIY investors are likely to be unaware of, and that most advisers do not teach. In the first book this is the concept of ‘long term growth of dividends’ found in Chapter 7.

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