Sun Tzu's Art of War for Women: Strategies for Winning without Conflict: Revised with a New Introduction


Sun Tzu’s Art of War for Women: Strategies for Winning without Conflict: Revised with a New Introduction


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Sun Tzu’s classic treatise The Art of War has influenced countless generations – of men – when they find themselves on battlefields, in the office and in everyday life. On its heels comes this ‘battle-plan’ guide specifically addressed to women, at a time when their positions and roles in business and society are being reframed.

The guidelines for doing so include:

Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses
Turning disadvantages into advantages
Thinking outside the box
Being confident in yourself and visualising success

We’re living in a time when female empowerment movements have incredible momentum and exposure – from the Women’s March to Me Too, which are highlighted in the new introduction. Though framed within a different context than the current movements, this book is another great resource for helping readers to consider not only what they want to achieve, but how to make it happen. Through Sun Tzu’s time-tested tenets, Sun Tzu’s Art of War for Women helps women tap into their inner reserves, unleash their hidden strengths and find professional and personal fulfilment.

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Catherine Huang

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Catherine Huang is founder and president of CHR International, a multi-million-dollar importer of foods from Eastern and Western Europe, North Africa and China. She received a classic Chinese education in her native Taiwan, giving her a background in Chinese history and philosophy that is enhanced by her knowledge of Western culture and business practices. As a female entrepreneur in a predominantly male industry, Catherine has often relied on Sun Tzu's tactics and techniques in order to survive and thrive. Arthur D. Rosenberg is a writer and linguist who has lived, taught and consulted at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shen-Yang, University of Stockholm, Greek-American Institute in Athens, Berlitz School in Paris and educational institutes in New York City, Detroit, among other places. He is a former IT consultant, translator, college textbook publisher, ESL teacher and author of around a dozen books. Both type-A personalities, they have learned to co-exist in sickness and in health.



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