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Spot X Diving New Zealand


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There are approximately 750 dive spots through out the book, and each spot is presented with the same layout – species (Cray, Scallops etc), degree of difficulty, GPS, depth, current, access, restrictions and a short but accurate diving tip for each spot. Any divers wanting to explore wrecks, caves and special structures, marvel at the beauty of our ocean or feast on the variety of seafood available to the hunters and gatherers amongst us; this book will show them where to go. It provides contacts for charter boats and where to find up to date information for the planned area. The large number of spots for every type of dive, helps you pick a location to suit your abilities. For any diver, whether novice or seasoned, this book has something new for everyone. Where the book will really shine is for the diver who travels beyond their own district. They will find hundreds of new dive spots, how to get there and nearly everything anyone could ask to for.

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Dave Moran

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You would be struggling to find three authors more qualified to publish a book of this type. Dave Moran, owner, editor and publisher of New Zealand's premier diving magazine 'Dive New Zealand' and photo-journalists Tony & Jenny Enderby, authors of the Lonely Planet Guide to Diving & Snorkeling in New Zealand, A Guide to New Zealand's Marine Reserves and Goat Island Marine Reserve, Leigh, New Zealand. Between them they have dived most of these spots with the balance supplied by trusted colleagues





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