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Sex Pistols


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The only large-scale illustrated book on the band on the market, and the only book of its kind to have approval of the band themselves. Most titles on market about the Sex Pistols are reading books / unofficial biographies; this will be heavily illustrated and will focus on aesthetics and ephemera to appeal to both music and design audiences. Definitive and collectible. A fresh and definitive visual celebration of the original punk band – the group that defined a movement, energized a generation, and brought punk music and the safety-pin aesthetic to the mainstream.

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Dimensions 228 × 305 mm

Johan Kugelberg

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Johan Kugelberg is a writer, editor, and curator, and the principal of the Boo Hooray Gallery in New York City. He is the author of numerous publications, including The Velvet Underground: A New York Art, Born in the Bronx, and Punk: An Aesthetic (all published by Rizzoli), as well as True Norwegian Black Metal and Enjoy the Experience: Homemade Records: 1958 – 1992. Jon Savage is one of the best-known and widely read authors on punk music and the punk era in England and America. He is the author of England's Dreaming: Sex Pistols and Punk Rock and Teenage: The Creation of Youth Culture, among many others, and collaborated with Johan Kugelberg on Punk: An Aesthetic, also published by Rizzoli.





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