How to Build Your Own Tiny House


How to Build Your Own Tiny House


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Tiny homes are all the rage these days, especially among young people new to the housing market, for people wanting a small dwelling as a second home or as a studio, and among singles and empty nesters. As millions are experiencing the “magic” of tidying up and reducing the number of their possessions, many are also seeing the value of living with less space, while environmentalists are also valuing a smaller carbon footprint.

How to Build Your Own Tiny House is a comprehensive guide to the actual construction process, building codes, and regulations, not another pretty picture book about tiny houses.
Offers anyone with basic carpentry skills step-by-step instructions to successfully build a tiny house (250 to 1,000 square feet.)
The book covers everything from forming a bill of materials to the basics of frame construction; it details wiring and plumbing a tiny home, outlines construction codes for small buildings and gives pointers as to where local regulations may apply, and also includes a section on building appropriately sized furniture for a tiny home.
Includes a selection of tiny home designs, each of which can be expanded as needs change.

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Roger Marshall

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Author Roger Marshall is a woodworker with decades of experience designing living spaces in the tight quarters of yachts. He has built his own house, studios, greenhouses, and numerous stone and wooden garden projects.



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