Julie and Ilaria Biuso launch Shared Kitchen

Julie and Ilaria Biuso launch Shared Kitchen

Julie Biuso and her daughter Ilaria share the kitchen bench and create double the deliciousness, double the fun and double the love in their stunning new book.
Based on their award-winning website of the same name, the 160+ recipes in Shared Kitchen will inspire you to get in the kitchen and get cooking.
The Biusos have the X-factor when it comes to flavour, creating extraordinary dishes with vegetables and fruits, meat and fish, adding in herbs, spices, nuts, cheeses, oils and grains. Whether it’s a white peach and nectarine salsa to enhance a late summer barbecue, a sensational coconut cashew nut curry to add to a shared meal, a serving of the crispiest beer-battered fish to serve on ‘fish Friday’, a stacked bowl of what is undoubtedly the best-ever Mac ‘n Cheese you’ll likely ever eat, or a classic French-roasted chicken or quick and easy fruit tart or celebration cake, Julie and Ilaria have got you covered.
The emphasis is fairly and squarely on showing how to achieve food that looks just as good as it does in the photographs taken by talented food photographer Manja Wachsmuth.

Julie says: ‘We’ve put our favourites in here, our ‘best-evers’, and heaps of different ways with vegetables – the sort of food we eat most nights and which we love to share with family and friends. We are led by what’s in the garden or what’s in season, and with a few good additions, such as extra virgin olive oil, spices and seasonings, it’s easy to create delicious and memorable food.’

‘There are so many really great mid-week meals in Shared Kitchen that you can whip up when you’re short of time, ingredients, or dollars. We love to use seasonal produce because it’s fresher and helps keep the cost down,’ says Ilaria.

Julie has a legion of loyal fans who have followed her for years, and for very good reason: her recipes work and the food tastes so good. Then there’s the unique conversation that goes on between this mother and daughter duo. ‘We just love talking about food and cooking together,’ says Ilaria.
Memories from their travels spark ideas, as does Ilaria’s Italian heritage, complementing Julie’s wealth of knowledge and formal training. The extensive recipe notes that Shared Kitchen fans have come to love, ingredient alternatives for those less common items, and a seven-page glossary further enhance this remarkable book.
If you want to become a culinary legend in the eyes of your friends and family, come join the fun and deliciousness in Julie and Ilaria Biuso’s Shared Kitchen.

Watch Julie and Ilaria speak on the ‘AM show’ below to get a further insight into their different processes.


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