Wonder Woman Psychology: Lassoing the Truth


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Wonder Woman Psychology: Lassoing the Truth


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A fascinating analysis of the psychology behind Wonder Woman. For 75 years, Wonder Woman has served as an inspiration to people everywhere. Wonder Woman Psychology examines this powerful superhero-who was created by famous psychologist William Moulton Marston-through 20 essays. This collection will analyze:

Marston’s important role in the history of forensic psychology
How Diana’s relationship with her mother and Amazonian sisters shapes her to become a leader and the heroine called Wonder Woman
The ways differences in culture and gender can contribute to alienation but also to personal empowerment
What roles emotion, strengths, virtues, and culture shock play in heroic behavior

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Travis Langley

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Travis Langley, PhD, is a psychology professor at Henderson State University, USA. He speaks regularly on media and heroism at universities, conferences and popular-culture conventions, including San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic Con and Wizard World conventions throughout the world.



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