Wild and Wonderful: Everyday Venison Recipes for All Seasons


Wild and Wonderful: Everyday Venison Recipes for All Seasons


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In her first book Fair Chase, Andy Lyver describes her progress from novice to modestly successful hunter. One of the benefits of being a successful hunter is having a lot of venison to eat. Wild venison is high in protein and iron, yet low in saturated fat. A standard serving can provide 60-70 percent of the average daily need for protein with only about 180 calories. It’s vitamin packed (B12, B6, riboflavin and niacin) and free from hormone and growth chemicals. It even gets a tick from The New Zealand Heart Foundation. Clearly, not only is the exercise you get when hunting your own venison good for you, but also eating venison can be just as beneficial for your health. Wild and Wonderful Everyday Venison Recipes for All Seasons is a collection of the kind of table fare that anyone, male or female, hunter or not, can cook and enjoy. From steaks to stir fries, soups to stews and starters – even pizza and Bambi Burgers – it’s all here. When treated right, the meat is tender, succulent and full of flavour. Andy explains how to age venison, how to identify different cuts and how to cook each cut for great results every time.
All the recipes work equally well using Cervena (farmed venison).

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