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Turner is a dark, layered, mildly supernatural thriller about what it means to be human, pure love and the sacrifices people make for those things.

Hero, a young boy joining a new school, discovers he has a unique ability. As his perception widens, he finds others that have the same ability, including his mysterious, enigmatic brother, James.

They train together honing their skills and strengthening their fraternal bond until, upon his eighteenth birthday, Hero learns that with the ability comes a choice and whenever he makes a decision, there are serious consequences.

The story contrasts the brothers’ lives as Hero decides to “Join The Light” whilst James takes an entirely different path and disappears.

Will they ever be reunited?

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Jonathan de Montfort

Author Bio

Jonathan started trading the US500 on his own personal account in 2001 and very quickly realised that using computer software was the best and most scientific way to isolate opportunities in the markets. This led to the creation of his first few trading models, some of which continue to be used today.

In 2004, Jonathan started his career as a hedge fund manager in the City of London, working for companies such as Lehman Brothers, Millennium Capital Partners and Goldman Sachs.

Jonathan left Goldman's in 2013 to set up De Montfort Capital. Maintaining his own trading style, Jonathan has built De Montfort Capital by continuing to use traditional analysis combined with state of the art technology. He now focusses on investments in disruptive businesses, from start-up to well established, ranging from blockchain to new social media platforms.

In addition to running his own successful hedge fund company, Jonathan is also a keen writer, with an interest in literature. He has first-hand experience of how hard and painstaking it can be to write a novel and get it published. Having taken him four and half years to write, Jonathan's first novel, `Turner', a supernatural thriller about what it means to be human, pure love and the sacrifices people make for these things, is the first book to be published by De Montfort Literature.



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