Tom House: Tom of Finland in Los Angeles


Tom House: Tom of Finland in Los Angeles


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While there have been successful monographs on this influential artist in recent years, no book on Tom of Finland has more than passingly dealt with
the artist’s personal life. This book offers a room-by-room tour of the artist’s home, complete with interviews with former friends and lovers, and in-depth depictions of his works, from rough sketches to final, completed works.

This volume offers an immersive glimpse into the private, domestic world of one of the gay community’s most celebrated and revered artists.

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Dimensions 203 × 279 mm

Michael Reynolds

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Michael Reynolds is a New York-based creative director, editorial stylist, exhibition and set designer, advertising director, curator, and visual brand consultant. He helped to create Wallpaper* Magazine, for which he currently serves as U.S. Editor. He also is a contributing editor for Architectural Digest, among other publications, and a consultant to such global luxury brands as Calvin Klein Home, Calvin Klein Fragrance and Herman Miller.

Mayer Rus is the West Coast editor of Architectural Digest. He previously served as Design & Culture Editor of the Los Angeles Times Magazine. Prior to moving to California, he was the Design Editor of Conde Nast's House & Garden. He has contributed to the New York Times, Vogue, Artforum, W and Wallpaper.

Martyn Thompson began his career making clothes before deciding to document them instead, working as a fashion photographer in Paris, then moving to London where his scope broadened into the world of interiors and still life. He collaborates with many leading brands and publications and is the author of 2 recent books: Interiors and Working Space: An Insight into the Creative Heart.



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