There's Only One You


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There’s Only One You


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Age range 3 to 6

In all the world over, this much is true:
You’re somebody special. There’s only one YOU.

Celebrate your individuality with this picture book that honors all the wonderful things that make you…you.

This feel-good book reassures kids that, whoever and whatever they are, it’s awesome being YOU-nique! Expertly written to include all kinds of children and families, it embraces the beauty in a range of physical types, personalities, and abilities. Kids will love discovering and recognising themselves in these pages – and they’ll feel proud to see their special qualities acknowledged.

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Dimensions 216 × 276 mm

Kathryn Heling

Author Bio

Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook have coauthored several books for children, including Ten Lucky Leprechauns (Scholastic) and Mouse Makes Words: A Phonics Reader (Random House). Kathryn is a school psychologist and Deborah is a kindergarten teacher. They both live in WI. Learn more at

Rosie Butcher lives in East Yorkshire and spends her summers in Sweden. Follow her @scrimmle.



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