The Writer's Guide to Wattpad: The Comprehensive Guide to Building and Sustaining a Successful Career


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The Writer’s Guide to Wattpad: The Comprehensive Guide to Building and Sustaining a Successful Career


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Engage with the Next Generation of Writers!

Wattpad is an online storytelling community where users can post their writing, such as articles, stories, novels, fan fiction, and poems. This platform offers writers the chance to connect directly with readers, fans, and story enthusiasts. With the ability to release stories and chapters one at a time, authors can receive continual encouragement and real-time feedback on their work.

The Wattpad staff supports successful writers through their Stars program, which provides them opportunities to work with successful brands, publish to print, connect to film and television industries, and more. The potential of Wattpad for writers is limitless, and, for the first-time ever, the staff, writers, and stars of Wattpad have created the guide to help you launch and sustain a successful writing career through this platform.

In The Writer’s Guide to Wattpad, you’ll learn how to:

Get started using Wattpad, prepare your writing to be published, and develop a unique cover design.
Interact with readers, use multimedia to enhance and tell stories, and leverage social media to create a stronger platform.
Attract the attention of an agent or publisher and sell copies of your work elsewhere.
Tap into the brand of Wattpad to understand their Stars Program, brand campaigns, and what success looks like.

Written to be accessible to beginners and veterans alike, The Writer’s Guide to Wattpad is your essential companion to navigating the Wattpad platform and brand, and leveraging your writing to millions of users worldwide.

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Benjamin Sobieck, Wattpad

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Benjamin Sobieck, Minnesota, is a director of digital business strategy for F+W Media, the author of The Writer's Guide to Weapons, and a Wattpad Star, having garnered nearly half a million reads of his stories.



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