The World at Your Feet: Bata Shoe Museum


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The World at Your Feet: Bata Shoe Museum


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A celebration of life, love, and loss through the shoes we have worn, as seen in the extraordinary Bata Shoe Museum collection. The Bata Shoe Museum, the largest shoe collection in the world, celebrates fabulous footwear across the ages in beautifully curated displays, exhibiting styles from tiny Chinese bound-foot shoes to French chestnut-
crushing clogs and Elton John’s over-the-top silver platform boots. The collection has become a source of inspiration for designers, including Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Sophia Webster, among others. Many of the shoes are as relevant today as when they were created: anyone who has worn flip-flops will recognize ancient Egyptian sandals, and men’s thigh-high boots from seventeenth-century France are virtually identical to those worn by women today.

High-fashion styles by famed designers such as Ferragamo and Vivienne Westwood are always a draw, but one of the collection’s most popular features is its celebrity footwear, including Queen Victoria’s ballroom slippers, Elvis Presley’s blue patent loafers, and John Lennon’s Beatle boot. The 100 iconic shoes featured in the volume tell the story of humanity, revealing ways of life and entire civilizations through its shoes.

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Elizabeth Semmelhack

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The Bata Shoe Museum was founded twenty-five years ago to house the personal collection of Sonja Bata, whose fascination and passion for shoes, design, and history drove her to collect gorgeous examples from around the world. Elizabeth Semmelhack is an acclaimed shoe historian as well as creative director and chief curator of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto.



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