The Sushi Lover's Cookbook: Easy to Prepare Sushi for Every Occasion


The Sushi Lover’s Cookbook: Easy to Prepare Sushi for Every Occasion


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In this book, you will learn to make attractive and delicious sushi not only with sashimi but also with cooked seafood, beef, chicken and even vegetables. The key to authentic sushi is perfectly prepared sushi rice. The Sushi Lover’s Cookbook shows you exactly how to make it, using both the traditional method and some modern shortcuts. Recognising that sushi has spread beyond Japan to become part of worldwide cuisine, this book also introduce recipes with an international flair, incorporating the diverse tastes of German sausage, Thai fish sauce, French ratatouille and more. In short, The Sushi Lover’s Cookbook is a guide to new sushi with traditional roots.

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Yumi Umemura

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Yumi Umemura is an expert chef in a variety of foods and is the author or translator of a number of cookbooks. She teaches cooking and creative table-setting in Tokyo and around the world. She has demonstrated recipes on Japanese television and is a frequent contributor to several Japanese publications.

Photographer Noboru Murata has had a career of more than thirty years as an advertising photographer. His publications include The Japanese House, Japan Style and Japanese Gardens, all published by Tuttle Publishing.



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