The Superwoman Survival Guide


The Superwoman Survival Guide


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The superwoman survival guide is a guide to surviving your own expectations. Learning to overcome overwhelm, balance our busy lives, believe in our own abilities and understand how to be amazing, just as you are.

Sick of feeling overwhelmed and overscheduled? Juggling family, career and life. Struggling to keep up with never ending demands, are you last on your own list?

High achieving women have this drive to do more, or better, the need to prove ourselves. On top of this most of us doubt our abilities and worry we’re falling short.

We go through life trying to support everyone else and then when we burnout we feel guilty for letting people down – sound familiar?

Learn that you don’t have to be perfect to be amazing, as I teach you to master the art of self-belief and minimise the negative self-talk that’s holding you back. Master your mind-set to stay calm amid the chaos. Overcome overwhelm, find time for you and regain your spark.

Understand your superpowers and how to use them. Overcome self-doubt and gain the confidence to succeed, as you are.

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