The School of Fencing: Domenico Angelo's L'Ecole d'Armes


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The School of Fencing: Domenico Angelo’s L’Ecole d’Armes


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It teaches the use of the small-sword and fencing foil, with brief sections on the use of weapons for the off -hand, including dagger, cloak and lantern. When it originally published, the book was recognized as a clear and concise guide, and Angelo was praised for his emphasis on fencing as a ‘gentlemanly exercise’ as well as a skill of self defence. Such was his reputation that he numbered several members of the British royal family amongst his clientele, and his Soho-based School of Arms was noted for accepting female students.

Featuring an extended introduction by fencing expert Mark Hillyard, this new edition includes the parallel English and French text together with all 47 hand-coloured engravings by artist James Gwynn. It is ideal for devotees of fencing, researchers of Georgian society, students of arms and armour, and historical reenactors and interpreters.

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