The Profit Secret: How to sell more at a higher margin


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The Profit Secret: How to sell more at a higher margin


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Want to know the secret of selling at a higher margin?

This book will explain how

Whether you are completely new to sales or have many years’ experience as a business owner, The Profit Secret reveals something that has been hiding in full view for years, something that frequently means we lose out on profit, even though we win the sale. This book has a wealth of ideas, mechanisms and strategies to challenge conventional thinking about how to sell profitably. Remember: sales are vanity; profit is sanity.

This book will help you to:
* Identify the right market to sell to the right people
* Improve your conversion ratio from interest to order
* Build a powerful value proposition for your company
* Avoid price pressure
* Defend and justify your price more effectively
* Build stronger customer loyalty

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Bob Hayward

Author Bio

Bob Hayward is the author of three bestselling books, a highly regarded international consultant, trainer and speaker. Having started seven businesses he has a wealth of practical experience to address the needs of salespeople and business owners.
Nick Baldock who sadly died in 2014 was an international speaker and sales improvement consultant. He had clients across the globe whom he helped become more efficient at converting sales effort into more profitable sales results.





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