The New Zealand Hunting Rifle


The New Zealand Hunting Rifle


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If you ever want to create an interesting discussion between hunters just ask the question: “Which is the best rifle and calibre for hunting in New Zealand?” There are as many types of firearms users as there are licence holders, meaning everyone comes to shooting for their own reasons. The pure hunter will have a favourite rifle, one that he has had for many lucky experiences, and it will be the hunt that he lives for. The successful hunting trips experienced over the years gather in the mind to become a positive reinforcement on his firearms choice. So opinions will differ and the discussion is sure to last for many hours. In this book James Passmore examines the history and development of our hunting preferences, looks at the current situation and compares some of the most popular hunting rifles available both new and second hand. Whether you agree or disagree with him; it makes for compelling reading and a valuable resource. James Passmore is a regular writer for New Zealand Guns and Hunting magazine and produces hunting stories, technical articles and rifle reviews. His writing has also appeared in US-based online hunting sites.
He started shooting at a young age with his father’s .22 rifle and .44/40 lever action. Since then he has hunted extensively throughout the country and bases his writing on years of experience with sporting rifles and their performance on game. His great passion is calling Red stags in close during the roar. Currently he divides his hunting time between Fiordland and the West Coast. When he is not in the mountains he resides in Port Chalmers with his wife and twin boys.

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