The New Concrete Countertop: Designs, Forms, and Finishes for the New Kitchen and Bath


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The New Concrete Countertop: Designs, Forms, and Finishes for the New Kitchen and Bath


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Building a concrete countertop is no longer an esoteric project but has entered the DIY mainstream. A lot of the information and some of the techniques in the original edition of Concrete Countertops are now obsolete, and this completely revised second edition includes:

all-new techniques for creating molds for countertops
new materials and tooling
new design tools to allow you to quickly conceptualize your ideas
new concepts in designs for kitchens and baths
new sealers and finishing protocols

The completed revised 2nd edition includes all the new techniques and materials that have been developed since the original Concrete Countertops was first published. The new edition will show how to pour a kitchen countertop and a top for a bathroom vanity.

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Dimensions 233 × 276 mm

Fu-Tung Cheng

Author Bio

Fu-Tung Cheng is the founder of Cheng Design and Cheng Design Products. From design to construction, Fu-Tung's custom home projects have earned him numerous awards. These full-scale design and architectural projects have given him complete creative license to experiement with his signature medium–concrete–as well as an outlet to further extend his artistic expression in other areas of the home, such as hardscape and landscape design. His work has become internationally known for its sophisticated, understated design and innovative use of concrete throughout the home.



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