The Logans: New Zealand's Greatest Boatbuilding Family


The Logans: New Zealand’s Greatest Boatbuilding Family


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Since the 1880s yachts and launches from the yards and sheds of the Logan family have always stood out as shining examples of the designer’s and builder’s art. Contemporary reports would invariably describe these boats has having the Logan ‘style’ or ‘finish’, immedi- ately marking them as something special. Their racing yachts became champions and their cruisers and launches performed well above their owners’ expecta- tions giving the Logan name a mystique and pedigree that is still highly valued today. While their boats have become well known through- out New Zealand, the people who created them, Robert Logan Sr, his sons John, James, Robert Jr, Arch and Willie, involved in various aspects of that consum- mate firm known as Logan Bros, and Arch’s sons Jack and Doug, are largely unknown to us. Their aversion to publicity and self-promotion during their lifetimes was almost pathological and, instead, they let their boats speak for them. The Logans is illustrated throughout with photographs and plans of their yachts and launches, and details of every known Logan vessel.
With previously unpublished family photographs it also gives a rare insight into a complex family of Scottish origin, its brilliant individuals and into the times when they were turning out the very best yachts and launches in the Southern Hemisphere.

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