The Kitchen Herb Garden: Growing and Preparing Essential Herbs


The Kitchen Herb Garden: Growing and Preparing Essential Herbs


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From Rosalind Creasy a name synonymous with California’s garden-to-table movement comes an accessible guide to cultivating and preparing herbs. If you buy only one herb gardening book, this should be it. Creasy takes you from seeds to stove top, from preparing the soil to elegant dining suggestions, with easy-to-follow instructions and inspirational ideas every step of the way. Each section of this book presents vivid photos and practical information, including: How to design and grow an herb garden in just about any space from a spacious plot to a tiny balcony and in just about any climate; A tour through many beautiful private herb gardens, including some of Creasy’s own, as well as the garden of herb luminary Carole Saville and others; A fully illustrated encyclopaedia of edible herbs from old favourites like basil, rosemary and sage to more exotic herbs such as lemon verbena and Mexican tarragon; A savoury selection of healthy herb recipes for side dishes, such as blends, butters and vinegars, main dishes from around the world and even cocktails and desserts; Maintenance and organic pest control methods; A list of resources for seeds and supplies; A guide to growing, cultivating and preparing hops. This herb guide is full of practical tips and tricks presented in a beautiful format perfect for the gardener, aspiring gardener or home chef.

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Rosalind Creasy

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Rosalind Creasy is a landscape designer, a leading authority on environment-friendly gardening techniques, and the grande dame of the edible landscape movement. She has authored 18 books on gardening and cooking. Her garden, writing, and photography have been featured in such publications such as Mother Earth News and Better Homes and Gardens. Rosalind is a three-time winner of the Garden Writer's Best Book of the Year award and its Award for Excellence and an inductee of the Garden Writers Hall of Fame.



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