The History of Science


The History of Science


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Mankind has forever strived to learn. The tribe with the better weapons can hunt more efficiently, defend itself better and take what it lacked from their neighbours. With the advent of farming and the ability to domesticate wild animals, the first civilisations began to form. Better housing, advances in medicine and the ability to pass knowledge down through the generations increased mankind’s knowledge of himself and his environment.The History of Science follows mankind’s journey from primitive stone tools and weapons, through the bronze and iron ages, through the Renaissance and on to a quest for the stars. With informative text, illustrations, diagrams and maps and a continuous timeline The History of Science will take you on a journey the like of which has never been seen before.

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Tom Jackson

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TOM JACKSON is an experienced author and editor of information and reference books with dozens of titles to his name. He is based in the UK and has worked for major international publishers, including Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Hachette, National Geographic, the BBC, and Dorling Kindersley. Tom's past work covers all areas of science, technology, and natural history and he is a specialist in the history of science.



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