The Babysitter's Survival Guide: Fun Games, Cool Crafts, Safety Tips, and More!

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The Babysitter’s Survival Guide: Fun Games, Cool Crafts, Safety Tips, and More!


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How can a babysitter entertain a fidgety kid, lull a toddler to sleep, or comfort an anxious child? This updated edition of The Babysitter’s Survival Guide-with a new design and illustrations-covers it all: finding clients, handling emergencies, using social media to build your business, cool activities, kid-friendly recipes, and more. Complete with perforated business and emergency cards, this handbook is the ultimate babysitter’s helper.

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Dimensions 144 × 224 mm

Jill D. Chasse

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Jill D. Chasse has an MS in developmental and family psychology, a PhD in Health Administration, and a DrPH in maternal/child health. She is the Founder of Hygeia Public Health, Magic of Motherhood(TM), and creator of the Baby Empowered Birthing Education (BEBE) childbirth method. With over 20 years experience, Dr. Chasse has published more than 100 articles, lectured, taught, and managed programs across the globe in maternal/child wellness, health promotion, and perinatal psychology.



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Paperback / softback

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