Tasting Vietnam: Flavors and Memories from My Grandmother's Kitchen


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Tasting Vietnam: Flavors and Memories from My Grandmother’s Kitchen


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Anne-Solenne Hatte presents the mouthwatering recipes for traditional Vietnamese home cooking collected by Ba, her maternal grandmother. This book is an homage to Vietnamese cuisine, with its emphasis on fresh ingredients, bright flavour combinations, zesty sauces, and reputation for healthfulness with vegetables and salads at centre stage. These family recipes withstood the test of time and exile. Staying true to her culinary heritage, Ba learned to work around unavailable items and adapt to new ingredients. These expertly detailed yet accessible recipes are intertwined with the story of Ba s event-filled life and memories of home. After exploring the cuisine s base recipes and mother sauces, the book explores dishes organised by region. Included are classic variations of pho, quick pickled vegetables, robust salads, grilled and stir-fried meats, and fusion dishes like trendy banh mi sandwiches.

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Anne-Solenne Hatte

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Anne-Solenne Hatte, a Franco-Vietnamese model and actress, is working on a documentary about her grandparents' wartime experiences and exile. Alain Ducasse is a celebrated French chef and author of many cookbooks.





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