Swanning Around: A Kiwi Bird's Wild Life


Swanning Around: A Kiwi Bird’s Wild Life


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This is a book about Kim Swan’s view of life; pigs, pig dogs, deer, hunting, wildlife, game conservation, pine trees, possums,(the ones you kill and skin), Possum (her hero and the love of her life) and all the things that come together to make her put pen to paper (make that finger to keyboard) to share with her many fans, and followers of her regular articles especially in The Fishing Paper.

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Dimensions 170 × 240 mm

Kim Swan

Author Bio

Kim is a regular contributor to pig hunting and outdoor magazines as well as author of eight previous books. The Grunter Hunters, Tucker Warrior, Goodbye Possums, Chasin Bacon, Boardom Busters, Hog Wild, Piggin' and The New Zealand Horse.



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Paperback / softback

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