Stumpwork Inspirations: 8 of the World's Most Beautiful Stumpwork Projects, to Delight and Inspire


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Stumpwork Inspirations: 8 of the World’s Most Beautiful Stumpwork Projects, to Delight and Inspire


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Stumpwork embroidery, also called raised embroidery, takes hand embroidery to another dimension and raises it off the surface of the fabric with strikingly realistic results. This technique uses all the usual embroidery stitches you would expect and often uses padding, wiring and slips to achieve its raised effect. Stumpwork Inspirations highlights the very best stumpwork has to offer in both design and technique.

Featuring talented embroidery designers Susan O’Connor, Wendy Innes, Susan Casson, Anna Scott, Lesley Turpin-Delport and Jane Nicholas, this special collection, including lovely framed pictures and a pot lid, have been curated into one publication.

With 8 stunning stumpwork projects to make, there are clear step-by-step instructions, pullout patterns, a stitch guide and all the information you need to stitch them. Discover the origins, stitches, techniques and designs that are uniquely stumpwork, and learn how to make your own beautiful works of art.

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Dimensions 216 × 280 mm

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With a rich history forged with needle and thread, Inspirations publishes the world's most beautiful needlework books and magazines.



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