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The ocean as you’ve never seen it before, caught by the camera of renowned seascape photographer Bob Tabor. Stunning photographs that are stylised to intensify the power of the waves. The perfect gift for anyone who loves the sea.

This collection of nature photography has a poetic purpose in mind. These images convey the sea’s raw power, its constructive and destructive force. Each picture is reflected back on itself, flipped or curved, the waves like works of sculpture that extend into infinity.

Tabor’s ingenious method captures the spirit of the wave by breaking it into its physical elements. He crops the most energetic section of the surf and, by eliminating the horizon line, deprives the picture of any sense of scale. He heightens chromatic contrasts until these waves dominate the image – there is only the fluid burst of spray and the flash of reflected light off the water. The results are undeniable: dynamic three-dimensional explosions seem to surge off the page, and it is hard to believe these waves aren’t moving. Splash will bring the ocean to you.

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Dimensions 300 × 237 mm

Bob Tabor

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Bob Tabor is known for his equine portraits as well as his seascapes, having previously produced the anthologies Horse Whisperings, Horse Human: An Emotional Bond and Polo: Equine Warriors. His Dreamscapes book presents a calmer sea to that in Splash, meditative and thought-provoking.



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