Slice: Cutting Through to Excellence in Sales Leadership


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Slice: Cutting Through to Excellence in Sales Leadership


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Sales leaders must balance many activities and personalities, develop a strategic vision and culture and encourage their team to grow and improve for long-term success.

This fascinating book encourages and teaches aspiring sales managers to understand themselves and their team so they can handle challenging situations and achieve higher levels of success.

Find the root cause of interpersonal and performance issues

Appreciate your own values and those of your sales team

Discover your growth potential to become a better leader

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Vinit Shah

Author Bio

Vinit's career in sales began over 20 years ago. His expertise is in problem solving, analysing trends and scoping out new business opportunities as well as managing shapes and sizes.

Vinit has an abundance of commercial and operational experience. This has helped him build a track record of creating sustainable value and delivering ROI by translating strategic objectives into innovative commercially viable solutions. He excels at implementing complex change projects to enable step change or transformations with a long-term vision in mind.

His clarity and focus combine with a fun, high energy leadership style.



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