Simple Origami Airplanes Mini Kit: Fold `Em & Fly `Em!


Simple Origami Airplanes Mini Kit: Fold `Em & Fly `Em!


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Andrew Dewar has spent decades perfecting the art of folding paper airplanes that look great and fly well. Dewar’s unique designs feature sturdy wings and fuselages that are perfectly balanced so a gentle throw results in amazing flights, time after time. To achieve good balance, these planes have wings placed toward the tail, loading the center of gravity closer to the nose. Once this perfect balance is achieved, all the planes fly great every time!

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Weight 136 g
Dimensions 140 × 140 mm

Andrew Dewar

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Andrew Dewar was born in Toronto, Ontario, and graduated from Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (B.A. Journalism) and University of Toronto (M.A. Japanese Studies, Library and Information Science) before moving to Japan in 1988. After completing his doctoral studies in library science at Keio University, he joined the faculty of a junior college in Japan. Soon after arriving in Japan he rediscovered his childhood love of designing and flying paper airplanes. His passion for paper airplanes led him to become president of the Fukushima Paper Airplane Club. Dewar has published over 30 paper crafting books and kits. He also teaches paper airplane workshops and does seminars at schools, libraries, community centers and museums. He lived and taught library science in Fukushima, Japan, until the giant earthquake and nuclear accident in March 2011, when the city became unsafe. After a brief stay in Canada, he's returned with his family to Gifu, Japan.



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