Scraps, Inc. Vol. 2: 15 Scrap-Pieced Designs for the Modern Quilter


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Scraps, Inc. Vol. 2: 15 Scrap-Pieced Designs for the Modern Quilter


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The second in Lucky Spool’s best-selling series, Scraps, Inc., Volume 2 features 15 well-known designers who are sharing a new quilt pattern using their favorite fabric scraps that they can’t bear to throw away.

Most quilters present their finished quilts as gifts to friends and loved-ones, but often these projects leave extra fabric scraps that quilt-makers can’t bear to just throw away. Scrap-based quilting titles are consistently best-sellers as quilters are always looking for new and innovative patterns to feature these treasured fabrics. Most often, these are the quilts that get kept by their maker as a reminder of all of the other quilts they have gifted over the years. Scrap quilts can be tricky to design due to the variety of color challenges that random scraps can introduce, but these patterns solve those issues through clearly illustrated color schematics. The book includes a range of projects from simple to advanced and beautiful patterns to make color harmony easy.

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Susanne Woods

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Susanne Woods oversaw several successful compilation books in her former position as the Acquisitions Editor at C&T Publishing. She has been in the publishing industry for over 16 years, and she is an avid quilter. Susanne lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. The contributors to the book are Alex Ledgerwood, Allison Harris, Amy Friend, Amy Smart, April Rosenthal, Dorei Schwartz, Erin Harris, Janice Ryan, John Adams, Katie Blakesley, Kari Spencer, Melissa Lunden, Nydia Kehnle and Sherri McConnell.



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