Samurai: An Illustrated History


Samurai: An Illustrated History


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Samurai: An Illustrated History brings the violent, tumultuous, and, at the same time, elegant world of the medieval Japanese samurai to life. This book of Japanese history traces the story of a unique historical phenomenon: a period of 700 years-equivalent to the entire stretch of Western history between the reigns of the Crusader king Richard the Lionhearted and of Queen Victoria at the height of the British Empire-during which an enclosed civilization was dominated by a single warrior caste.

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Mitsuo Kure

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Mitsuo Kure graduated from medical school in 1972 and became a surgeon based in Tokyo. His lifelong interest in samurai began at an early age when he began constructing historically accurate models of samurai figures. Later, with the assistance on Togo Ryu, a well-known Japanese historical novelist, he began to reconstruct full-size samurai armor and started what is now one of the premier re-enactment groups in Japan. His group is currently one of the leading organizers of samurai battle re-enactments in Japan.



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