Qigong Basics: The Basic Poses and Routines you Need to be Healthy and Relaxed


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Qigong Basics: The Basic Poses and Routines you Need to be Healthy and Relaxed


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Qigong Basics teaches you all the fundamentals of this ancient Chinese wellness discipline in a clear and easy-to-understand manner! This introductory book contains the following vital information:

The origins of Qigong-its philosophy, history, and different styles
How to find a teacher and a class that are right for you
Getting ready for your first class-what happens in a Qigong class?
The essential elements-breathing, stances, grounding and expansions
How to complement your Qigong training with meditation and qi exercises
Powerful ways to promote health and well-being through specific sequences
Resources to help you develop your knowledge and understanding of Qigong

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve already been training for a year or two, Qigong Basics offers an easy to read, and yet comprehensive introduction to the sport.

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Ellae Elinwood

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Ellae Elinwood has been teaching Tai Chi for over 30 years through a class that incorporates Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga. For many years she was also an instructor of Hatha Yoga both privately and at colleges, universities, and fitness spas throughout Southern California. She is a nationally known teacher and theorist of the mind/body connection. Elinwood has also been a teacher of Shiatsu, Touch for Health applied kinesiology and stress management. She has spoken and given seminars at universities, colleges, conferences, massage schools and spas throughout the United States and Canada. Elinwood is the author of Stay Young with T'ai Chi.



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