Pulutan! Filipino Bar Snacks, Appetizers and Street Eats: 55 Easy-to-Make Recipes


Pulutan! Filipino Bar Snacks, Appetizers and Street Eats: 55 Easy-to-Make Recipes


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Pulutan! Filipino Bar Snacks, Appetizers and Street Eats is the ultimate cookbook for casual tapas, snacks, and canapes as Filipino cuisine gains popularity worldwide. Marvin Gapultos, author of bestselling; The Adobo Road Cookbook showcases 55 standard Pulutan recipes as well as some of his own creative bites in this fun and unique cookbook including:

Salted Mani Bar Nuts
Fresh Salad Lumpia Rolls
Pineapple Glazed Bacon Skewers
And many more, including tantalising desserts and cocktails!

Recipes are easy to follow using ingredients readily found in most supermarkets or Asian grocery stores. The results are tasty, satisfying finger foods you’ll enjoy making and serving.

Expert beverage pairings are suggested with each unique recipe so you can amaze your friends and family with exciting Filipino favourites at your next gathering.

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Marvin Gapultos

Author Bio

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, The Adobo Road Cookbook author and Serious Eats contributing writer Marvin Gapultos is a first-generation Filipino American and author of the celebrated food blog, Burnt Lumpia. With his unique approach to Filipino cooking, Marvin became the first Filipino-American food blogger to truly champion and showcase Filipino cuisine to a worldwide audience. In June of 2010, Marvin decided to take his recipes to the next level and opened The Manila Machine; Los Angeles' first gourmet Filipino food truck, and the first food truck to be completely owned and operated by food bloggers. Working the competitive food truck circuit on the streets of L.A., Marvin went from self-taught home cook to cutting his teeth as a professional cook; all while introducing Filipino food to the hungry masses of Southern California. In just a short amount of time, Marvin's cooking gained both a loyal following, as well as critical acclaim. Marvin's pioneering efforts and singular passion in promoting the food of the Philippines has made him one of the country's leading voices on Filipino cuisine. As an expert in Filipino pulutan (bar food and snacks to be consumed with alcoholic beverages) it was only natural that Marvin would go on to become a Certified Cicerone; the most respected credential for beer professionals.



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