Pretty Knitted Hands: Mittens and Wrist Warmers for All Seasons


Pretty Knitted Hands: Mittens and Wrist Warmers for All Seasons


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This stylish and beautifully photographed book contains 27 knitted mitten patterns for women and men. The book is split into seasons, with eight pairs for spring and summer, seven pairs for autumn and twelve pairs of mittens for winter.

Using lots of different styles, stitches, patterns and colours, there are lacy, fingerless types for spring, summer and autumn and thicker, enclosed mittens for the winter patterns. From the warmest wool to the sheerest silk, a wide range of yarns are used and there are mittens suitable for occasions as diverse as a summer party, a wedding, everyday country walks and the coldest of winter days.

Some of the mittens, such as Sigrid and Elisabet, are delicate and lacy, others such as Elsa and Helga are worked in single colours; while others, such as Doris, Astrid and Ivar are beautifully patterned, and some are worked in stunning cable designs, such as Stina, Rune and Rolf.

The variety of mittens in this book is simply superb and the patterns are suitable for both competent beginners and more advanced knitters.

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Kamilla Svanlund

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Kamilla Svanlund learned to knit as a child, but it was when she was a teenager that knitting really became a big part of her life. She started knitting mittens for her friends in upper secondary school, and it was fun to be able to give them something unique. That was how she started designing mittens – she could knit them quickly and there was room for lots of motifs on them, so she was able to give her creativity free rein.

She started her blog in 2008 mainly to find other people with the same interest who were not at least 25 years older than her. Writing it has helped her to find lots of new friends and started discussions and debates on craft-related issues that are close to her heart.


Clara Falk has knitted every day since she was about 14. At that time it was about having something unique, something that few other people had. Since then, knitting has developed into something that she needs to do to feel happy – knitting is calming and provides an outlet for her creativity, as well as time to reflect. In 2007 she started a blog, as she did not know many people who knitted at that time. The blog became a forum where people responded to what she was doing, and at the same time she got to know other people who knitted and could discuss things with them and be inspired.




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