Painting on Pottery: 22 Modern, Colourful Designs


Painting on Pottery: 22 Modern, Colourful Designs


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Transform your plain pottery into exciting, colourful and contemporary pieces for the home in a trice! You don’t need pottery classes, or even a kiln to glaze your creations – you can make gorgeous items quickly and easily by painting plain, shop-bought ceramic items and baking them in a domestic oven.

With 22 colourful projects to make, there are decorative plates, bowls, cups and pots, vases, a lamp – and even earrings and a necklace. With simple techniques to follow, all explained in clear and simple terms, you just need a few brushes, some ceramic paints and some plain pottery and away you go! If you love painted ceramics, patterns and making little gifts – this book is for you!

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Dimensions 190 × 235 mm

Tania Zaoui

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Tania Zaoui graduated from the Fine Arts School Duperre, where she studied textile design and began working in ceramics. She then became a teacher, working in various Art Schools. Currently, she works for magazines, publishers and events organizations and is the author of a number of culinary books. She has also published books on making porcelain decorations: Jewellery in Modelling Clay and Sweets in Modelling Clay.

She uses the pseudonym 'Paien' to showcase drawings and ceramics, which are naive, dreamlike and funny. Her Instagram account name is t.paien



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Paperback / softback

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