Operation Big Ben: The Anti-V2 Spitfire Missions

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Operation Big Ben: The Anti-V2 Spitfire Missions


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When Hitler unleashed his V1 and V2 rockets on Great Britain in 1944, it was the first military attack on the British civilian population without invasion. Innocent families were wiped out without mercy and terror gripped the nation. Churchill and the Crossbow Committee knew that widespread panic would soon ensue, because the British public were becoming increasingly anxious about the Nazis superior technology, which was destroying their lives.

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Craig Cabell

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Craig Cabell is the author of over 50 books including biography, history, true crime and fiction. His books such as The Kray Brothers – The Image Shattered and Killing Kennedy, have proved to be hugely influential and include intricate ballistic information previously unappreciated. His book The History of 30 Assault Unit – Ian Fleming's Red Indians, inspired the movie Age of Heroes, starring Sean Bean and Danny Dyer. His series of crime fiction novels featuring antiquarian book dealer Jason Maccleson include A Pharaoh's Last Secret and The Kennedy Assassins. He lives in London.



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