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From the bestselling author of the Real Food Pledge & Real Food Everyday, Caralee Fontenele returns with Nourishing You, a collection of more than 100 simple and delicious recipes inspired by her love of real food, flavour and feeling vibrant each day. Caralee’s dishes are created for people with busy lives, who don’t want to sacrifice their health. Her food philosophy is to eat less processed food and more real foods from nature, while keeping cooking simple, delicious, quick and easy. Nourishing You will inspire and revive your food choices with stunning photography of easy-to-follow gluten, diary and refined sugar-free recipes. Whangarei-born Caralee started sharing her personal journey with her addiction to processed food and the havoc it wreaked on her weight and quality of life with a food blog where she took a pledge to avoid gluten, diary and sugar. This went onto change her life. After sharing her healthy recipes, they went viral and she had over 40,000 Facebook followers with 4,000 people immediately downloading her recipes. Her first book sold out and has been reprinted. Caralee wants to keep inspiring people to eat clean and nourish not only their body but their mind too. There is a special section in Nourishing You to show how to create simple mindset shifts to manage stress and create space for your well-being. In Nourishing You Caralee shows how easy it is to create nourishment in your life as well as how simple real food recipes can be, from better than take-away style dinners, quick vegetable filled breakfasts, delicious soups, and even veggie filled deserts. Nourishing You shows how fast, easy and flavoursome real food can be. As the director of a family law group, mother of three, author and speaker, Caralee knows firsthand that women often put themselves last. Her purpose is to empower women to put themselves first and learn how to nourish their mind, body and spirit so they can live their best life.

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