Norwegian Knitting Designs: A Collection from Some of Norway's Leading Knitting Designers


Norwegian Knitting Designs: A Collection from Some of Norway’s Leading Knitting Designers


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New and updated edition of the popular book for knitting over 30 contemporary designs inspired by traditional Scandinavian patterns, compiled and edited by Margaretha Finseth, designer and brand manager at House of Yarn, Norway.

Hand knitting allows the designer an unbounded freedom to create a completely personal expression of their art through the use of colour, embellishments, structure and styling, using only knitting needles and skeins of yarn. In this beautiful book, previously published as Norsk Strikkedesign, a selection of Norway’s foremost knitting designers present over 30 beautiful and unique knitted garments and accessories, based on traditional Norwegian folk patterns and all using classic Norwegian-spun wool yarns.

At the beginning of each collection, meet the high-profile designers who have worked for the Norwegian knitwear industry and created award-winning collections. Each of their creations is accompanied by stunning photographs of the items as well as the countryside that inspired them. All the pieces include information on the materials used, as well as pattern charts and detailed instructions. In addition, advice is provided on washing and caring for your garments to ensure your knitted design has the perfect, professional finish.

This book presents the very best of contemporary Norwegian knitwear design, drawing on its traditional roots and planting it firmly in the twenty-first century.

Previous edition published as Norwegian Knitting Designs (ISBN 9781844486861).

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Margaretha Finseth

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Margaretha Finseth is one of several high profile knitting designers based in Norway. After training for several years in the production of costume and handwoven textiles, Margaretha directed her passion for clothing towards knitting design and since 1985 has had her own company selling and designing hand- and machine-knitted garments in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Margaretha has developed dozens of special designs for numerous magazines and fashion journals, and since the 1990s has written articles on design and trends in for publications such as The New, Fashion Journal, Women & Clothing, and Hers.

Besides pursuing a career in clothing for high-end fashion markets and groups, Margaretha is an advocate for producing ecological handknitted clothing in pure materials and for supporting and consulting designers in the Eastern Hemisphere. She works closely teams in Nepal to producing collections that not only sustainably sourced but also reflect her passion for unique, beautifully patterned textiles.



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