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New Zealand Mysteries


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New Zealand’s history is peppered with mysterious tales of otherworldly beings, strange sightings, inexplicable disappearances and unusual crimes. While some of these stories have been handed down through generations, many of them hail from more recent times. The one thing they all have in common is that they have all endured despite repeated attempts to solve or explain them.

In this book, Scott Bainbridge turns his investigative skills towards some of the best-known of these mysteries, like the ghosts of Wellington’s St James Theatre, the sightings of large cats throughout Canterbury and the appearance of otherworldly lights over Kaikoura.

He also looks into some less known but equally intriguing puzzles, including the disappearance of a British naval officer during the Cold War, the origins of unusual crop circles near Ngatea and the vanishing of everyone on board the MV Joyita. Bainbridge does not set out to solve these mysteries, but instead considers the evidence, while leaving readers to form their own opinions.

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Dimensions 170 × 240 mm

Scott Bainbridge

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Scott Bainbridge is one of New Zealand's foremost investigative true crime authors. His fascination with missing persons cases was born out of overhearing a conversation between his parents about the case of teenage hitchhiker Mona Blades. Since then, he has spent many thousands of hours investigating the cases of missing people, with his work leading to several cold cases being reopened. His most recent book, The Missing Files, was released in July 2018. This is his seventh book.



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