Moldilocks and the Three Scares: A Zombie Tale


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Moldilocks and the Three Scares: A Zombie Tale


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Age range 3 to 9

A zombie-tastic take on a favourite fairy tale! Papa, Mama, and Baby Scare (a monster, mummy, and vampire) live together in a big haunted house. One night, as their alpha-bat soup cools down, they go out to walk their dog (a bloodhound, of course). While they’re away, in walks the zombie Moldilocks, looking for food, a chair, and a bed that’s just right.

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Dimensions 216 × 276 mm

Lynne Marie

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Lynne Marie lives on a lake in South Florida with her family. She's a writer of children's books and a travel agent. Her first book, Hedgehog Goes to Kindergarten, was published by Scholastic in 2011, followed by a sequel, Hedgehog's 100th Day of School. Her next picture book is The Star of the Christmas Play. Learn more about her at

David Rodr guez Lorenzo is a professional illustrator and an instructor at an art academy in Spain.



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