Map of the Moon


Map of the Moon


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This rarely-seen map of the Moon originates from a 300-inch hand-drawn map produced by the engineer and amateur astronomer Hugh Percival Wilkins (1896-1960). Combining artistry with scientific precision, Wilkins’s detailed map reveals the rugged terrain of our celestial neighbour.

First published in 1946 as a 100-inch reproduction, Wilkins continued to revise and expand his observations and produced this third edition in 1951. Comprised of 25 sheets, it was subsequently used by amateur and professional astronomers, and was even purchased by NASA.

Acquired by the Museum in 2006, Wilkins’s Map of the Moon is reproduced faithfully in this volume over 90 pages, making this beautiful record of astronomical history available for all.

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Dimensions 220 × 220 mm

Hugh Percy Wilkins

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Hugh Percy Wilkins was a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and Director of the Lunar Section of the British Astronomical Association. Dr Megan Barford is Curator of Cartography at Royal Museums Greenwich.



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