Look Where We're Going: Escaping the Prism of the Past


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Look Where We’re Going: Escaping the Prism of the Past


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Written by Lord Howell who has 60 years experience in high politics serving in three government administrations.
Offers a new insight into the inner workings of previous governments as well as looking at how political struggles of the past are shaping our future and it’s leadership.
Ideal for those interested in serious discussion of public affairs and political analysis.

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David Howell

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David Howell has been at the centre of government and the political debate for more than half a century. He is the only person to have served in the three administrations of Heath, Thatcher and Cameron. He is also the only minister to have `come back' after a 27-year break.

Between spells in government, he has filled numerous other roles in journalism, banking and industry. He is currently President of the Royal Commonwealth Society, Chairman of the Windsor Energy Group and most recently, Chairman of the House of Lords Committee for International Relations.

Lord Howell has a track record in forecasting developments long in advance and pioneering thinking on the major issues of our times. His qualifications are completely unique, enabling him to weaving together the ideas, hopes, lessons and consequences of the past fifty years and explaining where they are now leading the British nation.



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