LDN Reimagined: A Surreal Visual Journey that will Change your Perception of London


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LDN Reimagined: A Surreal Visual Journey that will Change your Perception of London


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Remember the first time you saw a glowing yellow street light through the raindrops scattered across your window? Or snow falling onto the palm of your hand and watched it morph into a variety of shapes before disappearing? Or as you become older, how the tower that use to be a giant in the sky, is now just clumps of metal and concrete?

One day walking home from work, I saw a face in the tower; I had never seen this face before. It had two bright red eyes that looked over the whole of London and was so vivid it stuck in my mind for days. I decided to scribble it down and start looking at what else I could see. I found flowers, sharks, spiders, jinns, soldiers, lasers; the imagination held no limits.

Enter a surreal vision of London you will never have seen before; you may never look at it the same way again.

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Dimensions 210 × 260 mm

Robert John

Author Bio

Robert John is an artist from Tooting,
South London of Pakistani descent, whose work channels the Surrealism art
movement to interpret the world around him and the reality in which it exists. Robert
has worked across many iconic brands through his career as a designer for the
BBC. In late 2012 he started his art practice called What I See When. The idea for the project was inspired by his late
father who lived with Parkinson's and developed Parkinson's dementia, his father began seeing things
which were not visible to anyone else, he could see these things, smell them,
even touch and feel them. This made Robert think about what our concepts of
reality are and what we choose to actually see. It also reminded him of how as
a child he would create elaborate worlds and places in his imagination, his practice
asks us to go back to that imagination and tell everyone what we see in the
world around us.



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Paperback / softback

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