Knits from the Greenhouse: Knitting Patterns for Plant-Based Fibers


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Knits from the Greenhouse: Knitting Patterns for Plant-Based Fibers


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Nourish your knitting skills with valuable information on plant-based fibers!

The properties of plant-based yarns-cotton, linen, hemp, and others-are unique, naturally. They don’t behave the same as wool yarns; to show off their best characteristics you need the right project. Knits from the Greenhouse is here to help you cultivate these fibers into beautifully finished designs. Dig in to find:

High fiber knitwear using 100% plant-based fibers, as well as blended yarns.
18 projects designed specifically to show off the best properties these fibers ensure you have a beautiful finished project no matter the season.
Helpful tips and tricks from agrarian designers who love working with plant-based fibers.

From soil to skein to finished project, working with plant-based fibers is a joy with Knits from the Greenhouse-green thumb not required.

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